God’s Love for You

“See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us,

that we would be called children of God;
and such we are.  For this reason the world does not know us,
because it did not know Him.”
1 John 3:1

What great love!  The Maker of the Universe, the God above all, the King of Kings, loves you!  You are His princes and princesses!!!  The love of the Father is boundless.  He loves you because you are His.  You don’t have to earn it.  You don’t have to be ashamed.  You are righteous in His eyes.  Through the blood of Christ, you have done no wrong.  He is forgiving and kind.  His love will overcome this world and everything in it – the evil, the lust of the flesh, the intents of men’s hearts.  Just wait and hope and be faithful.  You Father loves you.

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