Dust Storms

“Ah Lord God!
 Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm!
 Nothing is too difficult for You…”
Jeremiah 32:17

That is perspective!  Eternal perspective!  I don’t know about you , but sometimes I get my hand in the sand and can’t see past the dust storm!  But God made the heavens and the earth!!!  And that in just 6 days!  If He can that, my piddly requests are nothing. 

Getting a broad perspective by reading the whole word of God is essential to our faith.  In Exodus today, I read about God coming down to Mt. Sinai to speak to His people that He had just brought out of Egypt with His mighty hand. (Nothing is too difficult for You!)  Then in Daniel, I read prophesy that has been fulfilled and prophesy that is to come.  If God fulfilled prophesy, He will surely continue to keep His word in the future (Nothing is too difficult for You!)  I read in Psalms about David’s suffering because of sin – his own and others and saw God’s great compassion and forgiveness.  (Nothing is too difficult for You!)  Finally, I read in Luke about God’s great provision for His people through Jesus Christ as well as for our earthly needs. (Nothing is too difficult for You!)

 I have to ask myself: “If I choose not to believe, after all the great and mighty things that God has accomplished through creation, in history, in prophesy, and in my life, is not that pride?  Are my problems more significant than those of the nations, of history, than of others that I would declare God unable or unwilling to reach down and be there in the midst?  I dare not.  I will proclaim that “Nothing is too difficult for You!  And then I will walk in faith and let God who ordained my steps, fulfill His perfect will for me.  The dust storms will still come, but God…!


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