Integrity Includes Trusting

“Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked in my integrity,
And I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.”
Psalm 26:1

We could just stop and practice this verse for a few months and not have to go any further, for practicing what we read is where we meet God. David is asking God to rescue him and to pay the price due to those who are against him. His reasoning is that God should do this because David has walked in integrity. What is integrity? Sure it is honesty and truth, but it is more than that. Integrity is the embodiment of the Christian character. It starts not in action, but in the heart. Integrity is when our heart is lined up with God’s; when our righteousness is based upon the blood of Jesus not on our own rightness. Integrity is being honest, first, with myself – speaking truth in my own heart. This requires asking God to show us our heart and to reveal to us our sins. Repentance brings forth change in our heart and in our behavior.

The Psalmist understood, as well, that God requires us to trust Him without wavering. I trust God; it’s the not wavering thing that I struggle with! The opposite of trust is fear. If I am living in fear, then I am not trusting God. There are so many issues that we can fret and be anxious over. But if we are trusting God, then we know that He will work all things out for our good and that He cares for us and will provide and protect us. I have had to go deeper in my trust with God this past year. There were still situations with people that I was still holding onto in fear. What sweet release when I gave these over completely to God! As I read the word of God, praise Him for who He is, and pray for Him to vindicate me from the people and circumstances that could hold me hostage, my trust grows.

Are you walking in integrity? Are you trusting God in all things? He is able. He loves you. Trust in Him.

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