God’s Love for You

“The Lord will accomplish what concerns me;
Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands.”
Psalm 138:8

I love this verse.  Even when I mess up, don’t live up to, or am just being dumb, God will still accomplish what concerns me!  Over in the next Psalm, number 139,  He says that in His “…book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.” (Psalm 139:16b).  Again, Cool!  God already knew what decisions I would make, what circumstances I would be in, and what messes I would make even before there was time, and He loves me anyway!  The next verse says so.  Listen: “How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!  How vast is the sum of them!” (vs. 17)  He is thinking about me with love.  He thinks that I am precious and wonderful!  Even when…

God loves you that much too! 

So do I.


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