“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” Genesis 1:1

What a beautiful land that we live in!  From the plains and grasslands of the west to the hills and mountains of South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and up into the trees of the Midwest, there is beauty all around us.  And to think that all of this is after sin entered into the world and the flood came with catastrophic upheaval of the land masses.  What beauty God can make from chaos!!!

As I soaked in the green trees and colorful birds and playful squirrels of the mountains of GA and then drove on through gorgeous vistas, I found myself not wanting to return to the desert of West Texas.  I fought the complaints and groanings, but I could just picture myself in lush forests.  God did allow me a reminder that even in the midst of beauty is the curse.  We romped down a forest path and I ended up with poison sumac.  Shots, pills, and cream later, it is finally starting to heal. 

As we drew nearer and nearer to home and the grass became browner and browner and the trees smaller and smaller, I became discontent with my life.  But my sweet husband and dear Lord both continued to remind of the wonderful treasures we had waiting at home – three boys, in-laws, and friends. 

When we drove into the driveway after being gone 3 weeks, I was amazed at the transformation.  The roses were blooming, the trees were green, the wildflowers are bursting with color.  And, of course, there were the hugs, the laughter, and the fun of being with family.  I am content.  Thank you, God for all of Your blessings and for Your gentle reminders.

Are you facing a move, a change of some kind, recuperation, or a loss?  God is there in the midst of the chaos, the discontentment, and the insecurity.  He can bring beauty in a desert or in a barren heart.  Look to Him, He will sustain and fill you up.

Hint for the Day: Probably the most important thing that you can teach your children besides God love and Jesus’ forgiveness is a love for and understanding of the creation.  Creation is the foundation of our faith.  Spend time in nature with the kids. Point our birds and animals to them.  Have them draw in nature journals.  Take time to smell the roses and learn about thorns. Let them romp and play and roll in the grass.  Computers and tv and games have their place when the kids are older, a rich appreciation and memories of nature when they are young will teach them a grateful heart, to connect with the Creator, and to rest in body and soul.

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