His Name’s Sake

“H guides me in paths of righteousness,
For His name’s sake.”
Proverb 23:3b

When my boys were young and we were getting ready to go out on a field trip or a grocery run or anywhere in public, I would remind them that they represented first, God and second, the Halydiers.  For the sake of our family’s name, they were expected to behave!  Especially since there are not very many other Halydiers out there!!!  In the same way, Christians are to go out into their world as representatives of God’s name.  They should walk in paths of righteousness so that others will not point fingers and say, “Hypocrite,” or decide to turn against God based upon His children’s manners and actions. 

The good news is that God guides us in those pths of righteousness.  His Word is a moral compass, teaching what righteousness looks like!  His Spirit is ever close to nudge us in the right direction and convict us when we are wrong.  If you have no conscience about your sin, then examine yourself and make sure that you are a born again child of God because the Spirit will convict Christians of their misbehavior.

Throughout the Old Testament the children of Israel are told to obey God so that the other nations would see a difference and turn to God.  Unfortunately, they were not wise children and turned to other God’s.  God then disciplined them and is still disciplining them until the latter days.  Don’t be like the Israelites trning others away from God, but rather be a faithful child and live a life of righteousness that others will see your testimony of God’s goodness and turn to Him.

Hint of the Day: Teach your children to take pride in their family name.  Have older children design a family crest.  Put it on t-shirts or frame it and hang it in a prominant place in your home.  Remind them that they are a __________________ (Smith, Jackson, etc…) and that they should be proud to represent their family in public.  Remind your children that they are also God’s children and need to represent His name in righteousness.

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