Do Not Lose Heart

“Therefore we do not lose heart,
but though our outer man is decaying,
our inner man is being renewed day to day.”
2 Corinthians 4:16

This is my battle for today.  I learned yesterday that my gallbladder should never have been taken out.  There was another test that they should have done before deciding that it was my gallbladder that was causing the problem. A GI specialist is doing an endoscopy scope on Tuesday to see what is going on. I learned yesterday that my neck is really bad and that I should probably have something done sooner than later.  (I found out what symptoms to look for and will keep a close watch for now.) So, do I get angry?  Do I get depressed and despondent?  That is what my flesh wants to do, but I will choose to not lose heart.  This is a temporary body anyway.  It is decaying (and don’t I know it!).  I will choose to keep trusting in God, and to go my way in joy.  God is bigger than my physical issues.  He cares and loves me in the midst and that is enough.  One day I will shed this garment of corruption and move in to a new body that will never know pain!  Thank you, Jesus!!!

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