Complete in Christ

“…and in Him you have been made complete and He is the head over all rule and authority…”

Colossians 2:10


Sometimes, I don’t feel so “complete”. I feel empty, confused, without purpose, alone, discontent, but not complete.  The clue here are the words “I feel”.  The word of God says, “I have been made”.  Am I going to choose fact or feeling?  Am I going to believe God?  He says that in Him, I am complete.  I can do nothing to add to my wholeness of being.  I am fully loved, completely forgiven, wholly pleasing, and a joy to God!  He delights in me!  I don’t have to try harder, do better, or change.  I am His and He loves me.  You are His and He loves You. Period.  You don’t have to seek to please God.  You are His child. He loves you.


When I live in the truth of that completeness, I am free to grow and be in relationship with God. I am free from trying to prove anything and free from unreasonable expectations from myself or others.  When I don’t “feel” complete, I praise God that I am and rejoice in His truth.  I sit at His feet and revel in His love.  Then I go about my day “as if…”.  Pretty soon my emotions line up and I am content in my completeness in Him.


Does that mean that I am perfect? That I don’t have things to learn?  That I don’t have to grow?  Of course not.  A baby is perfect and complete.  He has all the parts needed to thrive.  He brings joy.  But he also needs to grow and develop.  He will make mistakes.  He will make messes.  He will need forgiveness.  But he is complete.  In the same way, I need to depend upon the Lord and His word and ways to grow, but I can relax knowing that God is my heavenly Father and that He will provide for me and equip me with everything that I need to fulfill that which He asks me to do.  I have to choose obedience, but I am complete and able through Jesus Christ.


“Be still and Know that I am God.” Another version says, “Cease striving.”  That could be translated, “Rest, Relax.” God has got it covered.  I am complete in Him and can rely upon Him for all my needs.


Sigh of relief!


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