Chaos into Order


God can bring the greatest chaos into order. The Great Deluge of Genesis wrought chaos upon the earth like we have never seen since. The Creator of all destroyed His masterpiece. Thousands of people drowned along with all the animals except those on the ark of Noah. The skies were opened up and the mantle of water that had lain over the earth began to pound upon the ground. The Garden of Eden was destroyed–that place where God had walked intimately with Adam and Eve. The depths were opened up and the source of the life-giving mist of Genesis 2:6 became destroying rushing water. The land was pushed up, pulled down, perhaps rained upon by meteors, volcanoes erupted, the earth shook, and destruction was complete.

And yet, God. Psalm 29:10 says, “The Lord sat as King at the flood; Yes, the Lord sits as King forever.” This gives me such hope and faith. God made such beauty out of that never again matched destruction. Beautiful mountain vistas and glorious canyons were the results of this chaos. Desserts were stretched across the canvas of bare land yielding green cactus with vibrant flowers of yellow and red. Magnificent sunsets are a result of the change of the atmosphere around the earth. The seas were given a set boundary and teem with life. Rivers were formed and lakes were set into place. And God made diamonds out of decay. Our God, the Creator God, is a God of order, not of chaos.

Jesus came to earth–God became man and dwelt among us. Glory became ordinary. And then He died. With His death the hope of His disciples also died. Had they followed a lie? Had they been duped? What about the promises? What about the miracles? And then, God. God gloriously raised Jesus from the dead. Salvation was extended to all mankind. Now all have the possibility of eternal life in heaven extended to them if they but choose to believe. Because of Jesus’ death, we can once again walk intimately with God. We can draw near to the throne of grace. We can have our sins forgiven and our future secured. Because of Jesus’ death, we have the Holy Spirit within us teaching, guiding, and convicting, making ready for life in eternity. Our God, the Lover of Our Souls, is a God of great promises and endless love.

Is your world in chaos and confusion? With God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). Your God is a God of precision, of perfect endings, and of great compassion and love. Wait for it. God will turn your chaos into order, your decay into a thing of beauty. Yield your life, your problems, yourself to God and let Him be God of creation and salvation in your life. He will make you and your life into Diamonds Out of Dust (Hawk Nelson – Diamonds).

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