Delight Yourself in the Lord


Twins!  Double pediatric costs, two cribs, two car seats. I thought it was hard when they were born almost 24 years ago. Later it was double college applications, two sets of scholarship applications, two colleges requiring papers and information! But always, twice the joy! These two young men are so different as adults. One continues to pursue his dream of becoming a missionary pilot, the other is loving marriage and fatherhood and growing as a computer technologist. It is so great to look at these two young men and see how God has prepared each of them uniquely and differently to follow Him in their desires and dreams. Psalm 34:7 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” God has truly put His desires in their hearts and they wish to serve God.


Delight yourself in the Lord means to spend time with God in the word and through prayer. To enjoy worshipping God in praise and with song. It means to truly enjoy being in the presence of God. Then, He will give you the desires of your heart. Not that He will give you everything you want, but rather, He will put His desires for you within your heart. When we realize that God puts His desires in each of our hearts and that they are unique and custom-made for each of us, then we are not as apt to judge. God put a desire in my heart many years ago to be a wife and a mom. Thirty-three years into that endeavor, I look back and realize that was God’s desire for me.  I feel complete and content. It has been amazing! I loved every minute of being a mom (Well, maybe not the middle of the night throw up parties!)  But almost every minute! And being a grandma is even better.

Now He is putting a new desire within me. A desire to mentor young ladies and teach them to follow their God in His unique call to them and their families. I can’t do this in a spirit of judgment, because each person has come from a different background, has different goals, and a different personality. God has led me along the way to becoming a better listener and a better questioner. I will need both these skills as I go. God always equips us with the tools to accomplish what He asks of us.Hebrews 13: 20-21 says, “Now the God of peace… equip you in every good thing to do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight…”  He gets us going in the right direction, equips us, and works within us all along the way. What a mighty God!

So what are your desires? What are your dreams? If you are a Christian and walking with Jesus, you can know that God gave these to you and will help you accomplish them for His glory.

Hint for the day: As a parent it is important to know your child’s learning style.  Take them for a walk.  When you get home tell them to tell you about their walk.  Listen to their words.  If they talk about what they saw, they are visual learners.  If they talk about what they heard, they are audio learners, ifthey talk about what they did, they are kinesthetic learners.  And, if they couldn’t be quiet on the walk, they are probably oral learners.  We all have a combination of these learning styles, but usually one is dominant.  Once you decide the learning style, watch your child over the following week and see if that is consistent.  You might even set up some “tests”.  Ask them if they would rather help you make dinner (kinesthetic) or open the refrigerator ad tell you all the colors that they can see (visual).  Would they rather tell you about a story they heard (oral), listen to a story (audio), or read a story (visual).  Once you figure out their primary learning style, you can begin to teach them their school work in that pattern.  An oral or kinesthetic child will best learn spelling by dancing around the table yelling it out at the top of their lungs or bounding on a ball to a tune while singing them.  An audio learning will do best if you repeat the spelling to them in a song or a verse and the visual child can write the word and draw a picture to go along with it.

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