What Forgiveness is NOT!

There is a way which seems right to a man,
But its end is the way to death.”
Proverbs 14:12

Forgiveness is the willingness to let go of self-harming or ineffective forms of anger, choosing instead to turn over the ultimate resolution of the wrong to God. – Les Carter (The Forgiveness Workbook).

Forgiveness is not about not having negative emotions about someone, or about having good feelings about someone, but rather releasing them from an obligation for a debt.

Forgiveness does not mean:
1. Letting go of healthy forms of anger.
2. Allowing others to continue to disrespect your needs and boundaries.
3. Lying down and becoming a human doormat.
4. Telling the wrongdoer that the past is no longer significant and everything’s fine now.
5. Agreeing to become best buddies with the wrongdoer.
6. Pretending to go bck to normal relations as if nothing happened.
7. Denying that you may still have to live with pain caused by the wrongful deed.

Tomorrow we will look at what forgiveness does mean.

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