“The Lord trieth the righteous.”
Psalm 11:5 (KJV)

“The Lord tests the righteous…”
Psalm 11:5 (NAS)

“The trials that come from God are sent to prove and strengthen our graces, and so at once to illustrate the power of divine grace, to test the genuineness of our virtues, and to add to their energy.  You would never have possessed the precious faith that now supports you if the trial of your faith had not been like  unto fire.  Worldy ease is a great foe to faith; it loosens the joints of holy valor and snaps the sinews of sacred courage.  While the wheat sleeps comfortably in the husk, it is useless to man; it must be threshed out of its resting place before its value can be known.  Thus it is well that Jehovah tries the rightreous, for it causes them to grow rich toward God.” – Charles Spurgeon

Therefore we should rejoice when we encounter various trials (James 1:2).  If you are in a trial, turn it to God through praise and adoration.  Use it to seek the Scriptures for divine truth and drop to your knees in prayer for deliverance and understanding and grace.  You will grow closer to God and the fellowship with Him will grow sweeter.

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