Transformation Do’s and Don’t’s

I took a few days off just because life happened and I got tired!  We are in the middle of weekly conferences, I am trying to get paper work for two boys to start college (different colleges, of course), and we are trying to sell a house to move.  Plus I have needed to visit with friends in the hospital, talk on the phone to children that live in different states, and keep up with meals, laundry, etc…  So I slept in a few days!  Now I am refreshed and ready to roll again!  Thank you, Lord, for times of refreshment.

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whate4ver is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” Philippians 4:8

These verse follow the oft repeated verses about “Be anxious for nothing…”  So there is a don’t – don’t worry- and a do – think on these things.  Now, I have found in my life that I cannot worry and think on things that are good and excellent at the same time!  We must choose which direction we are going to dwell.  Dwell means to live there, to abide, to stay put, to find a refuge there.  You cannot dwell in Texas and in Florida at the same time.  You can not think on good and godly things while worrying and fretting.  It is a choice – minute by minute. 

I have worked with young ladies who desire to go God’s way, but choose to watch television shows that are ungodly, listen to music that promotes promiscuity, and talk to their friends that lead ungodly lives.  Their minds cannot go both directions.  Remember: Input equals output!  So here are some do’s and dont’s of transforming you rmind.

Do read God’s word daily
Do listen to Christ-centered Biblically correct teaching
Do read books written by known Godly people – fiction, non-fiction, biographies
Do turn on a Christian radio and listen to Christian CD’s
Do choose godly shows or at least neutral shows on television (or dvd’s)
Do encourage your friends with prayer and godly speech
Do go to God with your concerns first
Do sing praise songs regularly
Do worship God when you see a sunset, or a sunrise, or a mountain, or a beautiful butterfly
Do pray and spend time with your Savior
Do take longer periods of time for reflection, praise, and Bible study
Do give all things to God in prayer and remember that He is able
Do remain positive that God’s way will come through in the end
Do memorize Scripture
Do get Biblical counseling if you can’t seem to work out an anwer on your own
Do replace the old “recordings” in your mind with God’s truths
Do “Be still and know that I am God.”

Don’t watch, listen to, or engage in harmful and ungodly activity.
Don’t fret or worry
Don’t listen to Satan’s lies
Don’t speculate (if only, what if…)
Don’t allow your emotions to guide your life (they are unreliable)
Don’t ruminate over the past – you chose God’s forgiveness – praise Him instead

May you walk in His way and find victory over your old thought patterns and old ways of acting.  Be transformed by the Holy Spririt within you!  Find peace and joy in God.

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