Speak Boldly

We are in Utah on our way to Idaho.  It is beautiful here with snow-capped mountains, green foot hills, cows, lakes, and mountain springs. I was born in Brigham city, Utah, but have not been back since I was an infant. It was cool to see the Great Salt Lake.

My oldest son is in China today on his way to India with 4 others for mission work at two orphanages and street evangelism with a college group in India.  Please pray for safety, health, and many to come to know their Father.

“Therefore they spent a long time there speaking boldly with reliance upon the Lord,

who was testifying to the word of His grace,
granting that signs and wonders be done by their hands.”
Acts 14:3

Whether you are on a foreign mission field or in our back yard mission field, you need to speak boldly with reliance upon the Lord.  And the message should be the word of God’s grace!  Not judgment, but grace!  Are your conversations seasoned with words of grace?  Are you open to speaking boldly to those around you in truth?  Signs and wonders will be the regeneration of another’s soul through rebirth by the Spirit through the blood of Jesus or a born again Christian growing and desiring the things of God.  What wondrous miracles!  May God give you the confidence to speak boldly and may your mind be filled with the word of grace and truth and may your heart be in constant relationship with Godl


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