Dancing in the Pain

Finding Joy and Grace in the Midst of Struggle


Dancing in the Pain: Finding Joy and Grace in the Midst of Struggle by Dara Halydier is authentic and encouraging. Dara was born with spina bifida occulta. She was told she should never have been able to stand, walk, or have children. She played softball, marched in the band, and has five grown sons. Through it all, she suffered from daily, often intense pain. Seven spinal surgeries and lots of physical therapy later, she still deals with chronic pain and the mental anguish that goes with it. Having been raised by two parents with mental illness, she has overcome clinical depression through Jesus Christ.

Dancing in the Pain is a 30-day devotional with excerpts of Dara’s walk with Jesus through the pain. She shares her doubts, her frustrations, her joys, and her quiet inner journey with Jesus as she combats the daily war in her body. Satan is alive and well. Dara clearly explains his part of her pain and depression and how to fight with the spiritual weapons that Christians are given.

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