Building a Biblical Self-Esteem in Your Child MP3

Strategies for leading children to understanding God and themselves.


Self-esteem can have a negative connotation among God’s people, but it is really about a right relationship with God and a true perspective of Who God is and who we are.  As parents we have the responsibility to raise kids with a positive understanding of who God says they are.  Claiming these truths can change attitudes and actions.   Are you aware of how your words and actions can help or hurt your child as they find out who they are?  Is communication in your home healthy and honoring to God?  Dara will speak about the importance of words that build up and emotions that are handled carefully.  Learning and teaching how to take every thought captive, how to replace Satan’s lies with God’s truths, and how to give praise to our Amazing God will give you tools towards building a healthy and Biblical self-esteem within your child’s heart.


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