Lessons on Prayer – Invite God In

“Pray to thy Father who is in secret;

And thy Father who seeth in secret

Shall reward thee openly.

Matt. 6:6


“Such sense of the Divine Existence, such realization the Divine Presence may be cultivated. God has appointed two means, and when used jointly they never fail: first a meditative reading of Holy Scripture, and secondly a habitual communion with Him in the closet. These two are in fact so closely related, that they are not only mutually helpful, but they operate upon us in way almost precisely alike. Both introduce us into God’s secret chambers.” (Arthur Pierson, Lessons in the School of Prayer).


God desires relationship with us. Invite Him to come in through study of His word and prayer, and He will come. Some will sense His presence as a warm touch, others as words of encouragement, still others will be flooded with peace. Always enter into that time with praise and thanksgiving. Then prayer that the Holy Spirit will illuminate for you His Word, His will, His way, and His wisdom. Be persistent in  prayer and seek not what God can do for you, but God Himself.

It takes time to cultivate a relationship.Ellen Moore, board member and friend, with me in June.

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