Homecoming Party!

“Do not be afraid when a man becomes rich,
When the glory of his house is increased;
For when he dies he will carry nothing away;
His glory will not descend after him.”
Psalm 49

I just read an interesting, but true story.  Teddy Roosevelt was returning home from an African safari on a large steamer ship.  Also on board was an elderly couple who had spent their lives as missionaries in Africa and were returning with the tickets purchased by their last pennies.  Throughout the trip the missionary watched as Mr. Roosevelt received accolades and privileges and the best of everything, while he and his wife ate very little.  Bitterness began to settle into his heart as he thought, “God, it’s not fair, I have sacrificed my life for your work.  I have been faithful and no one notices my wife and I.  All that Mr. Roosevelt did was go and shoot a few beasts, and he is being given everything.  All his needs are met.”  This missionary became solemn and withdrawn as the ship neared New York harbor.  When he heard the bands playing and the crowds cheering for Mr. Roosevelt, he became even more angry.  AS he and his wife walked off of the boat unnoticed by anyone, he began again to rail at God.

This couple were soon settled in a small flat and the wife suggested that her husband spend some time with God over this issue.  He went into the bedroom, got down on his knees, and poured his frustration out before God.  He exclaimed that it was just not fair that Mr. Roosevelt received such a homecoming, when he received nothing.  He stayed on his knees for some time.  Peace finally came over him, and he was able to let go of his anger.  When he returned to the living room, his wife saw such a change that she was amazed.  “What has happened?” She exclaimed.  “Well, God said that yes, Mr. Roosevelt was getting a fine homecoming upon his return home.  Then He reminded me that I am not home yet!”

Our homecoming will be a grand affair!  We will get to sit at the supper table of the Lamb!  Many will cheer us across the river into heaven.  If I am there when your homecoming arrives, know that I will be waiting for you with my party hat on!


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