“Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.”

John 17:17

 Heard a great sermon on this on Sunday.  He quoted Greudem’s Systematic Theology:  Sanctification is being moved out of the realm of the profane and being put into the realm of the divine.  This passage includes to verb forms of the word “sanctify” the one meaning that it was a one-time done deal and the other meaning that it is an ongoing process until its completion.  We were sanctified at the moment of salvation; we are being sanctified (made holy) as we walk with the Lord until the day of completion in Christ (heaven).

 Notice that sanctification is imbedded in truth, and truth is the word of God.  Be there; be in it; live it.  God’s truth, His word, will renew your mind and heart and will bring you to the day of completion, completely sanctified in  Him.  I pray that you would desire no less.


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