God Keeps His Promises

I ran across a gem today in Joshua:

“Not one of the good promises which the Lord had made to the house of Israel  failed;

all came to pass.”
Joshua 21:45

This was stated after Israel took the land and entered in with peace.  It wasn’t until later, when they began to worship false gods, that God had to deal with them with judgment according to the blessings and curses that He laid out for them in Deuteronomy.  God was faithful!  God was good and true.  The God of the Old Testament was a compassionate God.  He wants to bless His children; we just have to obey in order to receive those blessings! 

This verse is in the past, but as God forms a track record of faithfulness, it is a nugget that we can add to the list.  Just as God was faithful to the nation of Israel then, He will keep His promises to His children today.  We are grafted into, adopted into the nation of Israel.  The promises are ours as well.  In the New Testament though the promises are for heaven and eternity, whereas in the Old Testament the promises were for the physical land.  Both Testaments show God’s desire to have a relationship with His children.  Through the blood of sacrifice of Jesus, that relationship is possible. 

Keep your eyes on Jesus, walk with God, know God through the word and through His creation and trust in His promises even in the tough times.  He promised us that we would have persecutions and trouble in this world.  That is why we are encouraged to persevere, look to God, pray for grace, and look for His coming.  He is faithful and true.  Wait for your reward, it is coming…for all of eternity!


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