Completely His

“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth
 that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.”
2 Chronicles 16:9

God uses strong modifiers in this verse.  He will “strongly support” those who are “completely His”.
God requires our all, but  He gives us His all.  Is your whole heart completely His today?  Have you surrendered all else to Him, and are you completely trusting Him?  This is often a process over many years, and sometimes it is a quick amputation.  If you check your heart and realize that you are holding onto things that you need to yield to God, begin to pray and ask God to help you let them go!  Old sins of the past, fear of the future, dreams, expectations, anger, etc…  Give them to Jesus and let Him carry them for a while.  He will strongly support you when your heart is completely His.

I led a women’s conference a few years ago and we came up with over 50 things that people tend to hold onto.  Singles held onto their dreams for marriage and marrieds held onto their illusions of singleness!  Some struggled letting go of worthlessness, others of low self-esteem, others of inadequacies.  If we are completey God’s then we must believe every word that He has spoken through the Bible.  He says that we are complete in Him.  He says that we are His child.  He says that we are a new creature, forgiven and blessed.  We must and believe and apply and not hold onto satan’s lies.  is Then we can be completely His. 

God will strongly support those whose heart completely His.  When I strongly support someone, I do it with intention and diligence!  I do it with passion and follow-through!  God strongly supports you…! He does intentionally, diligently, passionately, and continually!  He knows your strengths and weaknesses, your past and your future, your doubts and your fears, your humanness, and He supports you anyway because He is madly in love with you.  My husband has taught me of God’s great love because he has loved me for better or for worse, through sickess and in health, through thinness and fatness, through periods, pregnancies, and menopause, through laughter and through tears.  He has loved me when I felt unlovable, when people betrayed me, when I was rejected by others.  That’s God’s kind of love!  And because God loves you unconditionally, He will support you through it all!  Life has its ups and downs, emotions, letdowns and high points. God will be there supporting you. How do I know?  Because He said so!  He is our Rock that will not be moved!  He is stable and strong.  He is our Anchor!  He is our Light!

Hint of the day: Write down anything that is keeping you from giving your whole heart completely to God.  Include people, relationships, attitudes, dreams, disappointments, expectations, etc…  Then pray through your list and picture yourself laying each item at the foot of the cross.  Give them to Jesus and stand on His promises.  Share with one other person what you have done and ask them to pray for you.  Then watch and see God strongly support you!

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