Kids of Truth

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

Math is important and so is reading, history, and science, but if our children have all of that and are not walking in truth, it will get them nowhere.  I am at a homeschool convention in Memphis.  There are hundreds of venders.  There are thousands of good books, curriculum, cd’s, etc… There is some really good stuff out there.  I wish more had been available when we started homeschooling back in the late 80’s.  But the Bible does not change and in it is found truth.  Many times at conventions I have asked someone if they have done a good study of Proverbs.  It amazes me that anyone, let alone many people, actually reply, “Oh, we don’t have time for Bible!”  Wow!!  That blows my mind. This is the same as saying, “I don’t have time for food.”  Without food your body will die; without reading God’s Word, your spirit will die and you will definitely not grow up!

Truth is the sum of God’s word. (Psalm 119:160)  Wisdom comes from knowing God’s Word.  Truth and Wisdom are the epitome of Jesus Christ.  In other words, Jesus is the personification of truth and wisdom.  Don’t you want your children to be able to discern the truth of God’s word from the falsehoods of this world?  They can’t learn that from a math book!  We always start each day with individual quiet times – reading God’s Word and praying.  Then we get together and have a short Bible study on whatever Bible book we are reading at the time.  Then we do math and English, reading, history, science, etc…  We end each day in God’s Word as well. 

My kids may not be the most famous, the best dressed, or the most popular, but they are the wisest young men that I know.  They have God’s Word written on their hearts and they amaze me with their wisdom and understanding of God.  When I am struggling, it is often one of our boys who say something that directs me to God’s wisdom.  One day I felt really discouraged because one of the boys had made the soccer team, but then the soccer team didn’t happen because there were not enough boys trying out.  I went to comfort this son who lookied at me and said, “It’s okay Mom, God knows and has something else for me.”  That’s truth!  That’s faith!  That’s my son!!!  And I am so proud when they discern their world through God’s word.

Hint for the Day: Be in the word of God with your kids.  Tell stories, act out stories, draw cartoons, ask questions, put on puppet shows, etc… But be in the Word.  Younger children can memorize small verses and older children can memorize whole chapters.  Expect much in this area.  Memorize together as a family.  But – do it!!!

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