Foot work

“Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called.” Ephesians 4:1

Sometimes waiting requires footwork.  That seems contradictory, but God works in mysterious ways!  Think about being pregnant and waiting for that little one to be in your arms.  While you are waiting, you are also eating right, exercising, buying different clothes, preparing a room or a bed, and preparing other children in the family for that day.

When God told the Israelites to take Jericho, He asked them to walk around the city one time each day for 6 days and seven times on the 7th day.  I am sure that the Israelites were thinking, “Why doesn’t God just do it!”  But, God has lessons for us to learn during the wait.  Usually one of them is trust and another is obedience. 

We are on the road right now going from conference to conference to sell our books.  The writing of the book itself was a walk of obedience that took 7 years.  Then when I thought that I was finished, God showed us the next step.  He promises us that His word will not go out void.  I claim that each time we sell a book.  Not that my book is anywhere close to the authority of Scripture, but it contains a lot of Scripture!  So now we wait for the word to get out and for people to hear about the book.  God has required us to put our resources and energy into going out to these conferences and speaking.  He could just draw people’s attention to our webpage, or let a nationally known person promote it.  That would be easier.  But God has not opened those doors, so we wait upon the Lord and we put footwork towards His promise and what we feel He is calling us to do.

What about you?  What promise or goal are you striving for that God has placed upon your heart?  One of my sons feels called to be a missionary pilot.  He is waiting for that reality to happen and he is preparing to go to school to get the licenses that he will need.  Two sons feel led to start a business, and if you were to ask them about footwork, they would laugh!  There has been lots of that!

Sometimes waiting means doing nothing, but usually waiting means footwork.  Don’t get ahead of God, but don’t be unaware and miss God’s answer.

Hint of the day:  Help your children set goals with God’s plan for them in mind.  God would have all us be healthy, so set a goal of physical fitness.  It may be to run a 5k or to do 100 sit ups.  Then help them to wait upon God’s fulfillment as they start training.  If they plan to go into a specific field, help them set goals to get them ready.  My pilot son has been earning his ranks through Civil Air Patrol while in high school.  He has flown many times and knows this is God’s calling.  Be obedient and wait.  God will guide and strengthen you in the process, not just in the conclusion.

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