As They Sit and Stand

As They Sit and Stand

A Resource and Guide for Teaching Your Children the Bible
Creative Ideas to Teach Your Children the Bible

Broken down by age group, each chapter includes fun ideas for teaching Bible memory, Bible stories, prayer, family devotions, Biblical discipline and service.

Detailed Suggestions for Each Learning Style

Whether your child is an audio, visual, oral, or kinesthetic learner, this book will teach you how to engage them in learning the Bible.

Guide of Biblical Resources for Each Age

This book includes age appropriate lists of biblical world view resources: fiction, non-fiction, CD’s, DVD’s etc…

“Thank you for sharing your book with me. I’m intrigued by it and feel a certain kinship with you for encouraging parents in the spiritual training of their children. Your message is sound and friendly, and your approach is easy for a broad range of families to adopt.”


“Your writing is fresh and fun and practical. Your book taught me that I can walk with Jesus all day long in everything that I do. This will really impact my teaching and training of my children.”


“Your book is so helpful. Thank you for writing it and being so open about the raising of your own 5 boys. I love the list of resources in the appendix. I know that this is a book that I will go back to again and again.”


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