Sing a New Song

“O sing to the Lord a new song,
For He has done wonderful things,
His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory for Him.
The Lord has made known His salvation;
He has revealed His righeousness in the sight of the nations.” Psalm 98:1-2

My oldest son is in India for the next two weeks on a mission trip.  He goes not in vain because the Lord has gone before him.  Our prayer is that God will use these faithful ministers to show Himself to the nations.  That others would see that God has done great things!  The pastor, being an honest man, wrote that he was a pastor on his passport.  He was told that he may not preach in India.  God has raised up my son and others to do the preacching.  Garrett is excited about the opportunity.  May God give him the words to say.  God’s word will not go out void, and there is power in the word of God to bring many to salvation.  May the members of the team put themselves aside and just be conduits for God’s word and grace.

My boys amaze me!  They are globally minded in missions, in careers, and in relationships.  I don’t even know all of my next door neighbors!  But this is the world that we live in.  With internet, facebook, and international people at Christian colleges, the boys know no bounds!  We have also ministered in various settings throughout their childhood.  They have lived innercity, rural south, metropolitan south, beachside, and desert.  They have learned that all men are really the same – same needs, same emotions, same desires, same sins, and they need the same Savior!

I pray that God will give me a more global perspective.  That I will not be afraid to minister to and befriend those that are different from me.  I want to be able to show the wonderful things of Jesus to many.  I want Him to reveal His righteousness through me to the nations (or to my next door neighbor)!

What about you?  Are you going and sharing?  Is your life revealing the righteousness of God to others?
Sing a new song this day.  Sing of the praises of our God.  Shout them from the roof tops!  Our God is good!  Our God saves!

Hint of the Day: Pray that God will give you opportunity to minister to others in His name and then look for that opportunity.  Sometimes it is right in front of us, other times we must seek it out.  Be involved in a local church congregation.  Jump in and help.  Even holding babies in the nursery is a huge ministry to the young parents that need to hear God’s word.  Get involved in little ways or big ways.  Pray about it and then follow the Lord’s leading.

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