Boy Crazy and How I Ended Up Single & Sane

Boy Crazy and How I Ended Up Single & Sane


And how I ended up single and (mostly) sane

Time was ticking away and Tiffany was losing her mind, waiting for Mr. Right to show up and press the “Start” button on life. That led to a horribly broken relationship, addiction to attention from guys, and fear — constant, tormenting fear — that no one would ever love her.
Written like a novel, Boycrazy is full of heartaches, fears, and (just for fun) some weird date stories. But it’s also different from your typical book on singleness and dating. It has all sorts of lessons she wishes she’d learned growing up:
tips on how to date,
how to be yourself around guys,
how to know if a relationship is healthy,
and thoughts on what contentment really is.
In her humorous, heart-baring way, Tiffany shares her mistakes, questions, and the lessons she learned over the last ten years that brought her from boy crazy to single and (mostly) sane.


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