Letting Go

“Man’s steps are ordained by the Lord,

How then can man understand his way?”
Proverbs 20:24

 We just had a graduation for our twins.  They are 18, and ready to head off into the great unknown! (Literally, one is going to be a pilot.)  The other one is going to live at home and attend a Christian school where he is playing soccer and preparing to be a coach and teacher.  This will require us to move to another town which is another unknown!  But we are excited. 

At the graduation, a father expressed his admiration to my husband of our being able to release our kids to God and let them move on to become the young men of actions and dreams and godliness that they were raised to be.  (One lives in Hawaii and is pursuing a law degree, another is in South Carolina and is a graphic artist; these older two are also working together to start a new international business!  Our third son is finishing college in December and can’t wait to try his hand at supervising and entrepreneurship.) 

We are able to be excited for each child and release them to God, because we have recognized from their conception that they were God’s.  We were privileged to have the opportunity to raise them, but they were never ours.  We placed them in God’s care and allowed God to direct their lives from birth.  Then we were faithful in the stewardship of raising them.  This included their schooling, their moral development, and most importantly, introducing them to God and encouraging them to grow in their relationship with Him.  We have spent 18 years preparing them for the day of their departure.  They have learned life skills, social skills, job skills, and personal skills that will serve them well in the world. 

The best part of it all is that we still get to be involved in their lives.  Now they choose us as friends.  What a privilege!  We are there when they need advice; we are there to cheer them on; we are there to walk alongside them.  But they are God’s responsibility!  He has ordained their way and we get to a part of that!  Just yesterday my oldest called and was so excited because he had just finished his first parachute jump.  He knew to call mom after the fact so she wouldn’t freak out!  But I was so excited for him because he is living his dream!  I am also glad that I wasn’t there and didn’t have to take part!

Train up your children in the way they should go, and let God ordain there steps and ways!  He is faithful always!  That doesn’t mean that they won’t get hurt or disillusioned.  It does mean that even though they may not understand the why, they will know that they are loved and precious to you and to their God and that God is good and will be their Rock.

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