Free to…

The best part!

We are free to…
Have abundant life eternally and now!
Love ourselves (God loves us so we are lovable!)
Love God!
Love others! – Now we are filled up and can pour out!
Have joy! – Joy is always coupled in the Bible with being in the presence of the Lord
Rule over our emotions! – They don’t have to drive us!  God’s Word comes first.
Be obedient to Jesus! – Those who continue in my Word (both in study and in action!)will be free indeed!
Choose to not sin!
Give grace and mercy! – God gives it to us in abundance that we might pour it out on others!
Dream – God gives us the desires (dreams) of our heart!
Learn and grow!  We are not stuck, we can move forward!
Let go of old habits, sins, relationships, etc…
Pray and have a relationship with the Creator God!
Christian maturity does not come from doing; it comes from sitting at the feet of Jesus, reading the Word, listening to His voice, and living in Hispresence in praise and thanksgiving!

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  1. Yes and glory to God. God has set in us very great treasurer with the HOly Spirit in joy to share that blessing with cheerful heart in kindful encourgae others and be bearing another burdenness and keep us in the ligth with pure hearts thanksgiving daily,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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