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  • Anger Management and Forgiveness MP3

    Sources and Solutions of anger $15.00

    Anger is an emotion given to us by God. God the Father and Jesus got angry. Being angry is not sinful, however, how you handle your anger can be sin. Dara speaks to why we get angry, other emotions acting as anger, and steps to quench anger including (eventually) forgiving the other person (or ourselves). Dara will give the listener reasons people won’t forgive, what forgiveness means, and what it does not mean.

     She will tell you the difference between aggressive anger and assertive anger with charts of ideas to use before communicating and as you communicate your anger. There is a place for emotions in the Christian life, but by giving our emotions too much power, we invite trouble. How should a Christian prioritize his/her emotions and the truth of God’s Word. What does God’s word say about emotions?

  • As They Sit and Stand MP3

    A Resource and Guide for Teaching Your Children the Bible $15.00

    Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, you can teach them the Bible!  It doesn’t require a degree in Greek, a Bible college degree, or years of studying to teach your children the Bible.  Dara will share creative ideas for teaching all ages the wisdom of God’s word.  She will cover teaching Bible stories, Bible memorization, prayer, Biblical discipline, family devotions, and service.  Being a Christian is a 24/7 life and learning to commune with God through every part of every day is critical.  Hear how you and your children can bring God into every area of your life.

  • Building a Biblical Self-Esteem in Your Child MP3

    Strategies for leading children to understanding God and themselves. $15.00

    Self-esteem can have a negative connotation among God’s people, but it is really about a right relationship with God and a true perspective of Who God is and who we are.  As parents we have the responsibility to raise kids with a positive understanding of who God says they are.  Claiming these truths can change attitudes and actions.   Are you aware of how your words and actions can help or hurt your child as they find out who they are?  Is communication in your home healthy and honoring to God?  Dara will speak about the importance of words that build up and emotions that are handled carefully.  Learning and teaching how to take every thought captive, how to replace Satan’s lies with God’s truths, and how to give praise to our Amazing God will give you tools towards building a healthy and Biblical self-esteem within your child’s heart.

  • Experiencing Joy in the Midst MP3

    Keeping our eyes on Jesus in the midst of the chaos of our world $15.00

    Dara will talk about the troubles and suffering we all go through. Our storms may look different, but there are some strategies she sets forth to overcome and experience joy while going through each situation. It’s all about perspective and priorities. Join Dara as she explains where our trouble comes from, Who is with us as He teaches us to overcome, and how to stay connected to our faith in Jesus in the midst.

    Homeschooling is such a joy!  We get to spend time with our kids, see the light come on when they learn a new skill, experience life with them from a child’s perspective, and rejoice in the victories!  There is also laundry, and dishes, and dust, and extended family, and sickness, and moving, and unemployment, etc.  How does a homeschooling family keep moving forward in the midst?  Can they experience joy when life’s circumstances are anything but joyful?  YES!  Come hear Dara give personal and Biblical advice on finding Joy in the Midst.

  • Gracefully Letting Go MP3

    You raised them, now what? $15.00

    You’ve raised them to know right from wrong.  You’ve schooled them through history, math, reading, and science.  You’ve driven them to practices and games, competitions and reward ceremonies.  You’ve fed them, wiped their tears, and showed them the way.  You have introduced them to Jesus and encouraged them to have a relationship with their Lord.  Now it is time for them to fly on their own.  How do you let them go?  Are they ready? Are you ready?  Dara will address concerns of teens as they enter the next phase of life called adulthood, and their parents as they face empty nest.  There is a way to prepare your teen for what is to come and to prepare your heart for this different relationship with your child. Dara and her husband have homeschooled 5 boys who are successfully launched, but continue to be great friends and a real joy to their parents.

  • Kids and Emotions MP3

    They all have emotions. Learn how to train them to process their emotions biblically. $15.00

    Emotions!  They can be our downfall, our nemesis, or our friend.  We were made in the image of God and that includes our emotions.  Dara will present Biblical instruction on the proper placing of our emotions and God’s truths.  She will give practical examples of learning to deal with emotions and helpful insights to teaching your kids about their emotions. Depression, anger, grief, and others will be discussed.

  • Marriage Matters MP3

    Why Marriage Matters and to whom and some different matters about marriage $15.00

    Romance, Passion, and Negligees – for too many homeschoolers these are things of the past.  Dad goes to work, Mom is busy from sun up to sun down with the house and kids, and there are still obligations outside of the home such as getting kids to activities, volunteering at church, and meeting with friends.  Everyone falls into bed exhausted!  But marriage is still the bedrock of the home and must be nurtured! Dara will give you some creative ideas on keeping your marriage a priority and maybe even a little bit steamy!

  • Practical Proverbs MP3

    Proverbs is a treasure trove of God’s wisdom that apply to every situation in our lives. $15.00
  • Raising Exceptional Children with Disabilities or Genius MP3

    From geniuses to the disabled, God’s not surprised. He has called you to be their Mom and Dad. $15.00
  • Raising Godly Kids from Law to Grace MP3

    Parenting changes as kids grow. Learn the classical levels of learning and apply it to discipline and daily living. $15.00

    What does a godly child look like compared to a perfect child?  Trying to raise a perfect child will lead to rebellion, low self-esteem and other problems, while raising a godly will lead to grace, joy, and freedom.  How did God raise His kids?  First came the law, then grace.  We, as parents, need to start out with law and then move through faith to grace as our kids get older.  Scriptural basis is Galatians 3:22-26 and 4:1-7.  We will walk through aspects of the law that can be incorporated into our family (written out, concise expectations, rewards and punishments, etc.), and then we will give ideas of moving the child to grace as they mature and grow.

  • Taking Care of Mom: Avoiding Burnout MP3

    What are the signs of burnout and how can you balance life to keep burnout at bay? $15.00

    “When Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” So how can you keep Mommy happy?  By making sure that her needs are met!  What are those needs and how can she take the time to meet those needs without feeling guilty or leaving something else undone? Dara will teach the five stages of burn-out and the solution to overcoming burn-out while giving helpful ideas to meet the needs of Mom so that she is filled up and able to meet the needs of her family.

  • What Homeschoolers Won’t Talk About MP3

    Having feelings of inadequacy or insecurity? You are right where God wants you to be! $15.00

    Do you sometimes wonder what in the world you were thinking when you signed up to homeschool?  Do you tend to compare yourself and your school and your children with others and find that you are lacking? Dara will address issues like insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed, not having perfect children, not being a perfect mom, etc… Dara uses a Biblical base to her talks and many personal stories and humor.  She wants to encourage homeschooling moms that God is able when we are not!

  • When It Hurts to Homeschool MP3

    Life happens to us all. Homeschooling during tough times can teach invaluable character and life lessons. $15.00

    Life happens. Homeschooling does not create a protective bubble around us or our children. How can you keep going during tragedy and troubles? Dara recalls why we chose to homeschool, what are kids are learning, and the greater messages that they are watching as parents and kids face disease, surgeries, childbirth, a move, a relationship outside of the home going badly, a friend’s view of cultural issues that are a dichotomy to your family’s view, caring for grandparents, getting laundry done. Life.